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Hand Held Metal Detector Security Scanner

Price: $49.95

Security grade metal detector with large detection area for fast, thorough scans. Lightweight and easy to handle for long shifts. Use anywhere large groups of people gather--airports, schools, prisons, sporting events, nightclubs.

  • Quickly detects even the smallest metal weaponssensitive enough to detect a handgun or knife from six inches away
  • Scan large groups fast with its large detection area - designed for law enforcement and security personnel in airports, schools, prisons, sporting events, etc.
  • LED light changes from red to green when metal is detected
  • Alerts user using either audible tone or discrete vibration (both modes use LED) - can be used in situations with loud noise such as concerts or nightclubs.
  • Easily adjust sensitivity
  • Includes wrist strap and holster with belt loop
  • Powered by either a standard or rechargeable 9 volt battery

Specs: The measurements for this item are  15.5 inches x 3 .4 (at the widest point) x 1.5 inches (at the tallest point). Rechargeable Battery Jack: can be powered by either a standard or a rechargeable 9 volt battery (battery and charger are not included).

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