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Spy Camera & Audio Bug Detector

Price: $79.95

Detects all types of hidden cameras and audio bugs, even cameras not using wireless transmissions. Light weight and easy to use.

    • Alerts you to the presence of secret surveillance with either an alarm or discrete vibration
    • Find the exact location of hidden cameras or audio bugs—indicator lights increase as you get closer to the location of the surveillance device (includes a built-in compass which will make noting locations of audio bugs during a large building sweep simple)
    • Use the included ear-bud headphones to detect RF signals without any sound from the unit in the buzzer mode
    • Locate secret pinhole cameras even when not operating, uses 6 flashing LEDs with different flashing frequencies
    • Rechargeable LIION battery will allow you to operate the unit up to 6 hours for lens detecting and up to 15 hours for RF detection

      Detects RF signals that fall within 1 MHz-6.5 GHz range which include GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM, VHF, UHF, 900/ 1200/ 2400 wireless audio and video transmission frequency.

      Specs: The unit measures 2 and five-eight inches x 2 inches x one-half inch.

      Download Manual CC308_USER_MANUAL.pdf
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